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National Services  

We work with brands at any stage of their development. Some are fresh to the market while others are well seasoned and looking to grow outside of their current geographic range. 

Whether you are looking for a traditional route to market by opening  large retailers, or trying to focus on specialty, like food service & hotels,  we can help. We have a broad range of relationships with National Buyers from every category. 

Our custom sales solutions will save you time and money. Our tried-and-true methods get you on the shelf and keep you there. 

One aspect of our service is to help you align the distribution best suited for your brand regardless of your stage of development. We work closely with National, Speciality & DSD Distributors across the country. 

Street Level Execution 

Is your brand looking to expand to the NY Market?

Not sure what type of accounts to target first? 

Curious how to reach ideal clientele?

Uncertain on who to choose as the right distributor to meet your needs?

While NY is a vibrant network full of opportunities, a vast amount of what you may encounter is complex, busy, and gritty. Our experts have put in the years of navigation to become the pioneers of some of the biggest natural brands in the NY market. We know the right people, and they know us. Being native New York born-and-raised gives us direct insight into the market and the consumer. We have the competitive edge that you need to make your brand stand out on a busy shelf & succeed.

Services Include: 

  • Merchandising 

  • Optimizing Brand Visibility

  • Growing account base 

  • Build Relationships 

Field Marketing

Empire City offers a plug and play solution geared toward any brand’s individual needs.


With thousands of events per year in NY , Tri-State area, it’s a full time job just to sift through which of these events are worthwhile. Having been in the CPG space for 10 years and participating in hundreds of trade shows & events, we have discovered, often painstakingly, that not every event is right for every brand.


Don’t want to waste your time, energy, or money hunting for the right event outlet for your brand? We can help. Having collected information on hundreds of local and National events in Wellness, Health & Fitness, Cannabis, Art, Music, Food & Beverage, Luxury, and beyond - we can take any budget and help you to find events that are best suited for your brand. For a low fee we arrange everything you need in order to participate. 

  • Correspondence 

  • Logistics 

  • Paperwork 

Brand Consulting

Do you have a great product, but are finding it difficult where to focus the energy to get you to the next stage? Empire City can be that light through the fog. With  deep insight of the nuances of what makes you pop, while staying true to the brand identity. 

We offer a full line of advisory services: 

  • Strategic Development:

Nationally or Statewide. From concept to shelf we can help develop a road map that sets your brand on clear path forward

  • Brand Messaging:

How to communicate messaging that will resonate with your target audience. 

  • Distribution:

Big or small we have relationships with distribution networks Nationwide that will fit your brands needs. Helping align the right partners is key to success and we thrive at being that bridge. 

  • Marketing Materials:

Knowing what are the right tools for success. We offer guidance on all POS and what's needed to get it right the first time saving time and money on edits and printing down the line. 

  • Packaging: Looks good, yup. Tastes good, yup….. but ?

 It’s all in the details. After years of category reviews and picking the brains of buyers at places like Whole Foods and Sprouts, we know how buyers think & feedback they offer. It's in these details that makes the difference from limited pull to driving velocity. We hope to shed some light on what's needed to land those 100+ Retailers & get you geared up for success. 

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